That First Kiss…

Today is September 1, and guess what that means? That means THE FUNERAL SINGER is coming out THIS MONTH! September 24 to be exact. To celebrate, for the next several weeks, I’ll post a few of my favorite snippets from the book. But don’t worry … no spoilers!

This week, let’s take a sneak peek at Mel’s first kiss with Zed Logan, bass player for a local band called The Grime. (Yes, I know I said no spoilers. But this is a romance novel, so you knew there would be some kissing, right?)
Here goes:
Zed took a step closer. “You sounded amazing today, you know that?” He reached up and brushed a strand of hair off my face, his hand lingering just behind my ear. I remembered the first time we’d touched, that day in the funeral home. The electricity that had run through my arm on that day coursed through my entire body now. Meanwhile, one thought coursed through my mind: Please kiss me. Please kiss me. Please kiss me.
Zed’s hand moved slowly down my neck, light as a whisper against my skin. I reached up and touched the scar on his chin, the flaw that somehow made him even more beautiful. His hand made its way all the way down my spine to the small of my back, and he pulled me toward him. And he kissed me. A soft, warm, slow kiss. A kiss that vibrated through me with a sensual rumble. I was his bass, and he was playing notes I’d never known existed. 
What do you remember about your first kiss? Or, your first kiss with the one who really set your heart a-pounding? Share your story in the comments or on my Linda Budzinski – Author Facebook page!

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